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MLP Consulting Pty Ltd specialises in Software Engineering, Systems Integration/Architecture and Education. We are located in the leafy suburb of Oatley, on the banks of the Georges river, Sydney, Australia. Our areas of expertise include:

  • IT&T
    • UNIX systems administration - Solaris, BSD*, SUNOS, Linux and others
    • Telco IT Systems integration and architecture from switch and transmission management systems, through to Mainframe billing feeds and automated provisioning
    • Perl, C/C++, WWW programming, OO Techniques, Middleware
    • Fault/Accounting/Config/Performance and Security systems designed/installed and/or intergrated with business systems
    • Systems/Network Design, Network Management and Security Systems are our play-ground
  • Education
    • Adult Education through to post graduate level in TCP/IP protocols and C/Perl/WWW programming
    • Diagnostic testing
    • Needs Analysis (Knowledge and Skill sets)
    • Programme development (Beginner through to Advanced)

On the Development Side we have proven ourselves over the years to produce high quality, available, robust, secure and auditable systems for our client base.

We enjoy gluing systems together and making them work. Web Provisoning systems for LNP (Local Number Portability), DSL (Digital Subscriber Loop), CWM (Cisco WAN Manager), PBX (Private Branch Exchange) and Telecomunications Switches are all apart of our repertoire.

Network Systems design for high availabilty systems, comprising Network Compute Servers and Database backends is a proven skill base. We also provide security site audits and implement security systems and procedures as required.

On the Administration Side we have succesfully introduced a number of well skilled individuals to our Clients thus helping them to grow into the midrange systems arena successfully. We have provided administration tools and procedures that have then be adopted and used to leverage best practice in UNIX system adminstration. We have 15+ years of Practical UNIX Administration experience in SUNOS, Solaris, Linux and BSD* flavours and a good working knowledge of HP/UX, IRIX and many others. We are also very well connected within the Systems Administration Community here in Aus. So, if we can't help you in some small way with your Admin problems we know who can!

Please use the naviagtion side bar to explore our site further and find out more about MLP Consulting, who we are and what we do.


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