Mark Pfeiffer

P.O Box 334, Oatley,

Sydney 2223, NSW, Australia

Home Phone : Silent Number

Mobile : 0417 447 538

Email : markpf at mlp-consulting com au

DOB: 24/2/1963

Marital Status: married

Citizenship: Australian

Professional Profile

  • Broadly Experienced Senior UNIX Admin, Developer and Trainer
  • Sharp analytical and problem solving skills
  • Team player with the ability to work independently
  • Creative trainer with ability to tailor presentations to audience needs
  • Strong inter-personal and communication skills; capable of writing proposals or papers, acting as a vendor liaison, making presentations to customer or client audiences or professional peers, and working closely with upper management.
  • Ability to solve problems quickly and completely.
  • Ability to identify tasks which require automation and automate them.


I.T.&T, Technical Consultancy and Systems Integration

Senior UNIX Administration at Managerial and hands on levels

Distributed Computing Platforms,

Telecommunications Sector,

Quality Software Engineering Practices,

Network Management Systems,

Training and Lecturing


  • Advanced Perl & C Programmer
  • Java, C++, JavaScript, HTML, XML, SOAP, CGI, Applets
  • Database access (Sybase, Oracle etc),
  • Systems Integration (EDI and Web),
  • Telco Switch Provisioning and CDR reticulation,
  • Interprocess Communications - RPC, Sockets, RMI, Daemons, Middle ware
  • Solid understanding of networking/distributed computing environment concepts; understands principles of routing, client/server programming, the design of consistent network-wide filesystem layouts.
  • SDLC and Software Engineering process management, QA and TQM












  • Senior UNIX Administrator (most flavours) and Webmaster
  • Excellent administrative programming skills in Perl and C, able to port code across systems
  • Systems Integration Specialist - Designing and implementing complex local and wide-area networks of machines
  • Large Site management,
  • Establishment and recommendation of policies on system use and services.
  • Automated System builds, Customised Boot CDs,
  • Technical lead and Supervisor of system administrators and system programmers
  • Configuration/Performance management and ability to tune Solaris systems,
  • Disaster Recovery,
  • Application integration and distribution for complex IP networks
  • Perl, C and Unix Network Programming
  • TCP/IP and Associated Protocols
  • Web - HTML/DHTML/CSS/Java Script/CGI/Apache
  • Telco - Network Management Systems and Protocols. SNMP CMIP
  • UNIX - Solaris, DNS, NIS, Network Programming, Sendmail
  • AXE Switches, X.25





1998 – Current Independent Contractor and Director, of MLP Consulting Pty. Ltd.

Previous Clients include: AAPT, Sydney Water, Unix Network Services, APC, MLC, Clarity International, Xdirect, QANTAS, SITA, Telstra, Clearcom, NSW Fisheries

1997 – 1998 DCN, UNIX and Integration Consultant, IBM, GSA

1995 – 1997 Network and Systems Interconnect Specialist, Telstra, ITG

1993 – 1995 Network Interconnect Specialist, AOTC Information Systems Group

1992 – 1993 Software Engineer Broadband Applications, AOTC, TDG

1990 – 1992 UNIX Systems and LAN administrator, OTC, Research and Development

1987 – 1990 Senior Technical Officer, OTC, Technical Training Section

1986 – 1987 Technician, OTC, Engineering Branch

1982 – 1986 Trainee Technical Officer, OTC

Recent Contracts

AAPT: (36 months) Senior UNIX Admin and S/W Systems Engineer. My role was to support AAPT's Engineering in their role out of AAPT's Network Management Systems.

The role covered everything from:

  • Hands on Solaris Admin, Backups, Configuration/Performance Management, Software rollout, System Builds, Network and Node Security
  • C, Perl, SH, AWK, Java, Java Script, HTML, XML, CGI, Database (Sybase/Oracle/Informix) programming through to
  • Analysis, Design, Implementation, Project Costing, Procurement, Director level consulting, WWW design and implementation, Security Systems, Firewalls, Telco - Telco provisioning, direct Switch provisioning and
  • Training of in house staff on Solaris, TCP/IP, OO S/W development methodologies and the Perl programming language.


Sydney Water: (14 months)

Consulting S/W Engineer. Main role was to ensure various internal Systems and Networking staff were capable and skilled enough to move a mainframe based GIS system to a suite of UNIX mid-range platforms.

This involved Executive level meetings both internally and with Sydney Water's major UNIX suppliers ensuring that platform scoping was correct at the UNIX and Networking levels. Also training and up-skilling of the work force and System build/Disaster recovery procedures were provided. Coupled with the procedures I provided complete automated system build environments based around Solaris Jumpstart, Perl and SH scripts.

As you can see this was a very broad role at one level whilst being highly specific down at the UNIX level. Two roles actually.

Telstra IND (Intelligent Networks Division): (4 months)

My role was as a S/W Engineer brought in by the Senior designer of their hands-off automatic build system for IND's large and varied Solaris systems. This revolved around Solaris Jumpstart, Perl, Auto CD booting and Network booting of systems.

The specific role was to debug and enhance an already built system that others found too difficult to comprehend. This meant reverse engineering the system and explaining it to System Admins, Documenters and Management whilst adding the required enhancements.





Education and Memberships


1992 - 1993

1990 - 1992

1982 - 1984

Member I.E.E.E., SAGE-AU

Engineering Wiring Certificate , TAFE (allows access to Electrical trades Gold License)

BE Computer Systems Engineering [First Class Hons], UTS (Sydney)

Electronic Engineering Certificate [Hons], Nth Sydney Technical College



Director [4 yrs];

Project Management [9 yrs];

Team Leader [12yrs].



Object Oriented Technology [7 yrs];

Networking and Distributed Computing [10+ yrs];

Network Management [10+ yrs];

UNIX Systems Administration [10+ yrs];

Software Engineering [10+ yrs].



Telecommunications Industry [20+ yrs];

Information Technology [15+ yrs]

GIS [1yr]



Total Quality Management [4 yrs]

University Lecturing [3 yrs]




Undertook management and operational responsibility for the network infrastructure components of the FIN (Future International Network) project for Telstra (International Business Unit) in my capacity as Network Interconnect Specialist. Responsibilities included:

  • Project management,
  • Technology assessment,
  • Network rollout,
  • Contractor/vendor liaison for multiple concurrent projects,

in the areas of real time network management and network/platform infrastructure. The project completed on time, under budget and to the customers requirements.


INO Support

As an additional function (related to the FIN work above) I assumed management and overall responsibility for the information technology infrastructure for Telstra’s International Network Operation’s Operations Support System. Responsibilities included:

  • Team leader,
  • Integration consultant,
  • UNIX , network and distributed computing consultant and
  • Special projects.

I managed 10 staff providing fault management, account management, configuration management, performance management and security management. My team was able to provide 24 hours, 7 days a week support with a 15 minute response time. All major machines provided 99.5% uptime with 99.75% availability as required by the customers.



Undertook management and operational responsibility for the UNIX infrastructure within AAPT Engineering. As a contractor I built a team of 8 UNIX system administrators to manage their large Solaris systems. This was a ground up management position as they had no real administration initially. This group became AAPT's midrange systems and support group handling more than 100 nodes and greater than 4 terabytes of disk storage.





Created system architectures, both HW and SW, for a scalable distributed computing system with highly reliable infrastructure facilities. In addition I developed a suite of programs for handling P-cell machine failover to partner machines (Backup machines masquerade as failed machines on the network and handle failed machine's load as well as their own). The following was provide:

  • Client and Server X11 failover,
  • NFS failover,
  • Inter/intra P-Cell machine failover,
  • Network traffic diversification and
  • Scaleable network compute servers

This approach is now Telstra’s defacto network systems architecture for International and Offshore business systems.



The Design and Development of a Generic and extensible Systems Provisioning Platform. Currently used to provision Telco Switches, NMS, Routers and RADIUS servers. Written entirely in Perl.


Perl Modules

Development of numerous Perl modules and scripts such as:

  • Pdist - extensions to Rdist (1).
  • Talker - a chat scripting module
  • Scalar_Trig – uses Perl "tie" functions to provide pre/post triggers for scalar variables
  • Event – an event handler used for network monitoring in an SNMP environment
  • Pwrap – uses the above and an SNMP daemon to monitor user defined SNMP variables (i.e. processes, disk space, swap usage and so forth)
  • Ipsrv – used as the basis for a multiple console, intelligent, interactive logger for UNIX machines.
  • Ptelnet, Pftp – provide scripted automatic telnet and ftp
  • Pnet – provides a network view of hosts, processes and traffic flow




Wrote paper for the 7th Australian Software Engineering Conference. Covering a methodology for producing "safe software" using Simple Reliable Monitors. Includes evaluation of a self-developed network monitor system developed using SR monitors. This paper has since been published.



Team leader (and facilitator) on a number of TQM teams / initiatives within OTC and Telstra

Lecturing at the University of Technology in the areas of:

  • C programming
  • Interprocess communication and Client Server systems
  • IP networking.



















During my career, I have been involved in a number of major (and minor) projects. Accordingly, over the years, I have acquired experience (ranging from an in-depth knowledge to an operational awareness) with numerous ‘advanced’ technologies and techniques.

Examples include:

Object Oriented Systems - Analysis :,Booch, Model5W; Design : Model5W, Booch; Languages : Perl 5, C++, Python, JAVA, Newton Script; Programming Environments : SunWorks Pro, Borland C++, Kappa; Databases : ObjectStore, Newton Soups

Distributed Systems - Distributed Object Systems: CORBA; Tools : DSET, Kappa CommsManager; Message Architectures : DSET, RPC, Sockets, TLI.

GUI - Environments: UNIX (Open Look, X11, Motif), Windows 1.x, 2.x, 3.x, 95/NT; Apple Mac; Tools: Dataviews, TK; Hypertext: Hypercard, HTML, SGML.

Software EngineeringQuality: SEI CMM; Tools : TeamNet, Purify, CVS, RCS; Techniques : Prototyping, Formal Methods; Languages: Z, Object Z.

Tools - Databases: Oracle, Sybase, Objectstore, dbase, MSQL; Languages Perl , C, C++, Awk, Sed, Shell scripting, Lisp, JAVA, Tcl, Python.



UNIX Systems

Operating Systems - Solaris, SunOS 4.x, Minix, Xinu, Linux, HP-UX 9.x and 10.x, DOS, QNX, RSX-11M, VMS, BSDI, BSD, FreeBSD, NT 4.0, M$ Windows

Machines - E35xx, E65xx, Ultra 1/2, SS2000, SS1000, SS20, HP 9000, SS2, IPX, IPC, SS5, ELC, Classic, SS1+, Firewalls, PC

Storage - HDS, Clarrion, Sparc Storage Array, DLT tapes, Exabyte, DAT, CDROM, RAID, SAN technology

UNIX subsystems – DNS, NIS, Sendmail, NNTP, NTP, Shells, IPC, TLI, sockets, RPC, UFS, NFS; Security SSH, Certificates, SSL; Web servers - Apache

Databases - Sybase, Oracle, Informix; SQL, TSQL, Stored Procedures

Web - Apache Webmaster, HTML, DHTML, CSS, CGI, mod-perl, SSI, XML, SOAP


Below are some of the other Telecommunications Products and Services that I have been exposed to; some to a greater degree than others:

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and Broadband Networks: FTTH and FTTC concepts and design

Video Conferencing: LAN Based, Internet Based.

Transmission Facilities: PDH; SDH; ATM; DXC; Frame Relay.

Switching Facilities: Switches - S12, AXE, DMS, AKE; STP.

X.25 Networks: Packet Switched Data Services.

Cable Systems and Networks: Fibre Optic Backbone, Intelligent Cable Environment; Network Topologies Star, Ring, Mesh; Network Types Ethernet, SNA, X.25, IP, Point-to-point; Microwave Networks

Networks and Management; Network management, SNMP, ITU, LANs, VLANs, Ethernet switching, Routers, VPN, Data Networks.


WWW - httpd, Perl, JAVA, CGI, HTML, TCP/IP, SOAP



Other Activities


Some of my other activities include:

  • S.C.U.B.A diving in and around Sydney and the Great barrier reef
  • Building in wood and metal
  • Helping people overcome drug and alcohol addictions. I’m an "elder" in the Uniting Church at Kogarah where we provide food, clothing and counseling for those in need.
  • Managing my own investments
  • Boating
  • Bringing up children and family life




References are available upon request